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Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer at Covision Lab |


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technical university munich, the national institute of engineering, expert pre university science college, delhi public school


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    2021 - Present


    Machine Learning Engineer (Werkstudent)

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    2021 - 2021

    datalab munich

    TUM Data Innovation Lab

    Project: Geometric Deep Learning on 3D Models: Classification for Additive Manufacturing Resposibility: 1. Development of python scripts to convert the given 3D mesh data into voxel representation. 2. Development of Deep Learning pipeline to build a data driven model that performs binary classification.

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    2021 - 2021

    technical university of munich

    Research Assistant(HiWi)

    Deep Floor Plan Recognition using a Multi-task Network with Room-boundary-Guided Attention

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    2019 - 2019

    s i engineering solutions pvt. ltd.

    Research Intern

    I worked here on "Development of Solution Export modules for unstructured and polyhedral mesh based CFD flow solver HiFUN".The projects include the following: 1. Development of module to export Boundary data for arbitrary polyhedral mesh. 2. Development of Volume data export module for arbitrary mesh (into tec format and VTK format as face based). 3. Developed a module for geometric parameter calculation and negative co-volume calculation. 4. Developed a module for calculating node parameters for cells sharing negative co-volumes.

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    2018 - 2018

    vedanta limited

    Assistant Manager (mechanical maintenance)

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    2017 - 2018

    vedanta limited

    Graduate Engineering Trainee

    My work here is essentially the maintainence of equipments in order to ensure the continous production.I am also entitled to take care of spares management, manpower management as well as maintaining AO documents.

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    2016 - 2017

    the national institute of engineering mysore

    Student and undergraduate researcher

    I worked here on my final year project "Numerical and Experimental study of Heat Transfer charatceristics in Hexagonal shaped microchannels" under Mr. Srikanth NS. Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Optimizing the shape of the hexagonal shaped microchannel in order to ensure maximum heat transfer rate. 2. Carrying out CFD simulations using Ansys fluent software by varying the reynolds number of the fluid, aspect ratio of the microchannel and cross-sectional shape of the microchannel. 3. Design of the heat sink in CATIA V5 R21. 4. Fabrication of prototype and final model of heat sink in CNC Milling machine (3-Axis) and microchannels using EDM process. 5. Carrying out experiments on the microchannel heat sink fabricated and comparing the numerical results and experimental results.

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    2016 - 2016

    indian institute of science

    Summer Research Fellow

    I worked on the project "Towards the development of Python script for store seperation problems" under the guidance of Dr. Narayanarao Balakrishnan (Prof,Dept. of Aerospace Engineering,IISc Bengaluru) and Dr. N Munikrishna (CTO-S and I Engineering Solutions). Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Learn to use HiFUN using both GUI and CUI environment. 2. Modification of C program for store separation. 3. Development of Python script for solving moving body simulations using dynamic hole cutting technique in a quasi-steady approach. 4. Understanding pre-processing requirements particularly involving domain decomposition for parallel CFD simulations using supercomputing clusters.

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    2016 - 2016

    force ikshvaku

    Air intake system designer

    Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Carry out mathematical calculations determining the input velocity of the air entering into the intake system. 2. Carry out CFD analysis of the entire air intake system. 3. Special focus given in the CFD analysis of airbox.

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    2015 - 2016


    Industrial Engineering Intern

    My main objective in this industrial internship was to study the different maintaincence strategies of centrifugal pumps, compressors, heat exchangers and cooling tower.Also i carried out structural study of NRV as a part of my case study.

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    2015 - 2016

    sae supra nie

    Chassis designer and design analyst

    Roles and responsibilities: 1. Actively involved in the design of chassis of Formula student race car which participated in SAE SUPRA 2016. 2. Building a 3D model of chassis in CATIA-V5 R21 software. 3. Assembling all the components of the car (Suspension, brakes, powertrain, drivetrain and steering) in CATIA V5-R21 software. 4. Carried out structural analysis and CFD analysis to determine the validity of the design of all components of the car. 5. Proper coordination among all the team members.


10 Skills

Computer Vision

Deep Learning

Image Processing

Machine Learning (ML)


Neural Networks



Research Scientist



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    2019 - 2022

    technical university munich

    Master of Science - MS

    Computational Science and Engineering

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    2013 - 2017

    the national institute of engineering

    Bachelor of Engineering - BE

    Mechanical Engineering

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    2011 - 2013

    expert pre university science college


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    1999 - 2011

    delhi public school

    Class 10

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