Aliana Melendez

Software Engineer at Patch


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montclair state university


patch, betterment, oscar insurance, ark media, underground nyc, bet networks a subsidiary of viacom inc., sharp entertainment, hybrid films

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    2021 - Present


    Software Engineer

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    2016 - 2021


    Senior Software Engineer

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    2015 - 2016

    oscar insurance

    IT Engineer

    *Google administration for email accounts and Google apps *Managed Access requests for various systems as well as physical access permissions to our offices *Service Desk help for general IT support for local and remote employees *Used Casper for provisioning of new laptops, inventory and for administration *Implemented new automated workflows for on-boarding and off-boarding *Handled on-boarding and off-boarding of all employees including the creation of all new accounts and their day to day administration *Created all new asset management project in JIRA and managed all physical assets and software using this new system which integrated with our service desk *Executed LDAP changes and approvals for access requests *Authored procedural documentation for various systems as well as self help documentation for our IT internal knowledgebase *Assembled and setup workstations for both Apple computers and Chrome devices *Administered our inContact phone service for Customer Service and Sales

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    2015 - 2015

    ark media

    Assistant Editor

    *Color corrected pieces for internal viewing for PBS *Strung out and rough cut scenes and marked select clips from archival footage *Assisted archival footage procurement team with conversions and exports *Ingested media, grouped and synced external audio *Maintained editing systems *Assisted editors and staff with any system issues *Developed workflows for extracting metadata from a database in which the information is logged and importing it into an editing application *Handled assets across drives and network storage *Authored procedural documents and trained staff in implementing workflows

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    2014 - 2015

    underground nyc

    Assistant Editor/ Technical Lead

    *Edited, sound designed and color corrected promotional pieces for USA, Spike and other networks. *Ingested all media, set up, maintained and archived all projects. *Handled delivery and exports of cuts and final product. *Handled software installation and new systems builds *Troubleshot software issues including printers, mail and post production applications *Managed assets across hard drives and cloud based storage *Authored procedural documents for workflows

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    2013 - 2014

    bet networks a subsidiary of viacom inc.

    Media Manager/ Assistant Editor

    *Managing ISIS, Unity and Interplay systems *Developing workflows for network shows *Ingesting, transcoding, grouping and organizing show footage *Preparing footage for onlining *Interfacing between post production, engineering and production teams *Basic troubleshooting of Avid and Interplay while working with Avid technical support

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    2012 - 2012

    sharp entertainment

    Assistant Editor

    *Organized, logged and transcoded footage for editors *Exported select footage *Strung out rough cuts of sequences *Grouped multi-camera field footage

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    2012 - 2012

    hybrid films

    Logger/ Edit Room Assistant

    *Organized, labeled and separated footage and releases according to guidelines for the show Parking Wars *Created String Out sequences in Avid *Exported Quicktimes of select footage *Dubbed tapes *Uploaded and organized files for Post Production team *Digitized footage and uprezzed footage for onlining


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Software Engineer



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    2004 - 2009

    montclair state university

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

    Painting/ Art History/ Film