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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you recommend someone to Weekday for jobs?

You can refer your friends for jobs through our Chrome extension. The Chrome extension works in tandem with your LinkedIn profile. You will be given a choice of your connections to choose from to recommend to Weekday. Based on the number of recommendations, you will earn rewards.

Which are the companies my recommended people get suggested?

Weekday currently works with over 90 companies from across the globe. Most of them are VC-backed high growth startups. You can find the full list here (and apply as well if you want to)

How does the rewards system work at Weekday?

There are 3 levels to the rewards system:
Just for referring people: When you are using the extension to refer your friends, you will be prompted if you want to make your LinkedIn connections available for outreach, and also make a selection to refer from your list of connections. You will be rewarded separately to make your LinkedIn connections available and also for each candidate you refer.

When they interview : Once your referrals have been contacted by Weekday, if they are looking for jobs, they will begin giving interviews with the companies that we are currently working with. Rewards are given when each referral has the first interview scheduled.

When they get hired: When a referral finds a job through Weekday, you will receive an email notifying you that your referral has been hired and will ask you to share your bank details for money transfer. Once the referral joins the company, payment will be disbursed (25% at the time of joining and rest after 3 months of staying).

How long would it be before I start earning rewards?

From the time of submitting your referrals, within 3 business days, you will receive a redemption reward. Follow on conversations with referrals takes up to 7 business days and the interview and hiring process follows between 1-2 months from the time of submitting your referrals. Throughout the duration of the hiring process, you will be notified about the status of your referrals, and can always reach out if there are questions that may arise.

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Best software engineers don't apply to your job postings
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"I am really happy to see a platform which can be super-personalised to do an outreach and then the number of quality responses coming back. Its a platform which can really do best quality sourcing and makes it simple to close senior leadership tech-hires in no time"
Saurabh Gupta
CEO, UrbanPiper
"As someone who leads hiring, my biggest challenges is sourcing talented candidates with a high response rate. Weekday is by far the best tool I've used for sourcing interested and excited candidates. Would highly recommend for any talent sourcer, founder, or hiring manager"
Pryce Adade-Yebesi
Co-Founder, Utopia Labs
"Hired our engineering backbone from Weekday. The process was smooth and every conversation was with quality engineers. Would definitely recommend them!"
Srijan Shetty
CTO, FanStan
We have been using Weekday since we started building our engineering team, they are the only ones that we know can give access to a vast pool of highly talented people. Highly recommended
Founder, Homework App
"Great bunch of passive candidates. Highly curated. Half the candidates I end up interviewing are from Weekday."
Alexi Sain
Weekday Customer
"Found them 10x better than any other recruitment product/agency in the market"
Jean Drew
Weekday Customer


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Pay only when you hire
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