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Senior Frontend Engineer at Five Below


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five below, hollar, masterclass inc., mgage the mobile engagement company, outspoken, mogreet, cal spas, thread society

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    2020 - Present

    five below

    Senior Frontend Engineer

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    2015 - 2020


    Front End Engineer

    Hollar is the ultimate mobile destination for cool products at incredible deals starting at $2. Featuring thousands of items from toys and electronics to home, beauty and apparel — including unique curated gift and party collections — Hollar is all about the joy of discovery. Find Hollar on iOS, Android and the web ( Responsibilities: Web Development Responsive Design Ruby on Rails Environment

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    2015 - 2015

    masterclass inc.

    Front-End Developer & Designer

    I took this contract job to help them launch their website. My responsibilities included front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS), some minimum graphic design, responsive design, and some UX. I built their class template, shopping cart, and their footer. We worked via Screenhero and Git. I really enjoyed working with the Masterclass team, they were easy to work with and I learned a lot from them.

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    2015 - 2015

    mgage the mobile engagement company

    Front End Developer & Designer

    The company mGage acquired my former company Outspoken. My key responsibilities was supporting client facing and marketing projects such as landing pages, graphic design, and event planning. In addition, I was given full responsibility to maintain their current Wordpress site and campaign manager. Likewise, mGage had offices across the nation and internationally, so I would help support the Atlanta team, the Athens team, and the India team with web development and design. Responsibilities: Web Development UX design Graphic design Responsive design Wordpress

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    2013 - 2015


    Font End Developer & Designer

    Outspoken is a mobile/digital marketing and aggregation company. After the acquisition of Mogreet and payvia we rebranded ourselves to Outspoken. I rebranded the company’s color scheme, typography, and overall feel. I also designed and built the company website using Bootstrap and Wordpress. My responsibilities included front-end development such as HTML, CSS, LESS and JavaScript. I worked in Ruby on Rails and PHP environments mostly. I also work with repositories such as GIT and Mercurial. At Outspoken I overlooked most if not all design and branding in our company. This includes web-design, user-experience, responsive design, graphic design, print design, photography, etc. Working with Outspoken has been wonderful. The culture of the company is awesome and I was given the creative freedom and thinking space to output the best design and development I can for the company. Responsibilities: Web Development UX design Graphic design Responsive design Wordpress Branding

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    2011 - 2013


    Front End Developer & Designer

    Mogreet was a digital/mobile marketing company. Mogreet has a special place in my heart and I am very proud to be apart of this team. Through Mogreet’s startup culture I was able to cultivate my skillset and make it grow. At a startup you’re required to be able to adapt to different situations and problems. Through Mogreet’s clients and internal projects I expanded my skills of design and development. My naturally willingness to learn in and outside of the workplace synced perfectly with the Mogreet culture. I designed, built, and maintained Mogreet sites’ such as Express, Enterprise, Developer, and moShare. In addition to Mogreet’s websites, I also created some fun landing pages. I worked mostly in a Ruby on Rails environment and static HTML pages. Responsibilities: Web Development UX design Graphic design Responsive design Branding

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    2011 - 2011

    cal spas

    Front End Developer/ Web Designer

    Cal Spas specializes hot tubs, spas, and accessories. Cal Spas hired me as an assistant web designer. At the time Cal Spas was revamping their entire website and there was a lot of organizing that needed to be done under a strict schedule. Their website was basically four websites under one umbrella. The head web designer and I worked tirelessly and overtime was not uncommon. I didn’t mind because its fun to me and I got the opportunity to learn new things from the head web designer. We met our deadline and the website’s relaunch was a success. Responsibilities: Web Development Graphic Design

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    2010 - 2011

    thread society

    Front End Developer/ Web Designer

    Thread Society was a social network designed for fashion designers. Through the website you could setup your own online shop and sell your goods online. Thread Society was my first web development and design job and I enjoyed every moment of it. I helped with their web design, graphic design, and front-end development. I built their homepage, user profile page, admin section, contact us page, and more. In addition, I also did a lot of their graphic design from banners, advertisement, wire framing, etc. Responsibilities: Web Development UX Design Graphic Design


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