Allan Sene

Co-Founder & CTO at Dadosfera | Leading Brazil's Data Platform


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    2019 - Present

    dadosfera anteriormente datasprints

    Co-Founder & CTO

    ⇢ As the Founder and CTO, my main responsibility is to ensure that our projects are running as expected, aiming a high-quality standard from a theoretical and technical standpoint. We believe in Passion, so I have a personal commitment to keep all other Dadosferians motivated by one purpose: be the greatest Data Platform company in Brazil.

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    2018 - 2019

    data minders

    Founder & Lead Data Engineer

    ⇢ Designing, Developing, and Implementing Data Engineering and Analytics projects on several enterprises.

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    2018 - 2023

    data hackers

    Co-Founder & Podcaster

    ⇢ Co-Founded the biggest Data Science, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning community in LATAM. Helping professionals to change their careers, spreading knowledge about Big Data, Analytics, and Data Science disciplines and best practices. ⇢ Most influential Forum, Blog, News, and Podcast about Data Science & Big Data in Latin America. ⇢ Partnership with the most innovative companies in the Data World: NVIDIA, Microsoft, Snowflake, Tecton, XP Inc and others.

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    2017 - 2018


    Data Engineer

    ⇢ Member of the Data Science & Analytics Team. Main responsible for design, build and maintain all the necessary software architecture for data acquisition, cleansing, governance and democratic access/understanding. ⇢ Helping to develop agile processes and metrics/KPIs to base better decisions that make our product and services awesome! ⇢ Constructing the Data Democratization process to help stakeholders on better decision-making, together with a multi-disciplinary team: with Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, and Data/Business Analysts. ⇢ Using lots of Software Architecture/Systems Solutions like ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), Redis, Dremio, AWS EC2, S3, RDS, ECS, Kinesis and coding mostly in JS and Python.

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    2016 - 2017

    dito especialistas em reteno

    Software Developer - Data Squad

    ⇢ Data Squad Member. Developing and managing distributed systems that handle 200k reqs/min and send more than 20kk notifications/day. Modeling, deploying and monitoring data pipelines, services and databases. ⇢ Mostly backend development using Ruby, AWS S3, Kinesis, ElasticSearch, Redis, Kubernetes, Google BigQuery.

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    2010 - 2016

    montreal oficial

    Tech Lead - .NET Team

    ⇢ Leading the .NET development team, reviewing code and guiding about best software architecture and continuous integration practices. ⇢ Designing, constructing, reviewing and testing code of various corporative web-mobile applications using C# and ASP .NET, SQL Server.

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    2009 - 2010

    universidade federal de minas gerais

    Intern Research Assistant

    Developing genetics data transformations tools with Pearl and JS at Laboratory of Human Genetic Diversity (

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    2008 - 2009

    ufmg informtica jnior

    Finance Director


16 Skills

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Data Analytics

Data Engineering

Data Science

Data Scientist


Generative AI

Machine Learning (ML)



Senior Software Engineer



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    2015 - 2018

    universidade federal de minas gerais

    Bachelor's degree (dropout)

    Information Systems

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    2015 - 2015

    universidade federal de minas gerais

    Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc (Incomplete)


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    2008 - 2011

    universidade federal de minas gerais

    Bachelor's (Incomplete)

    Computer Science

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