Dariia Prokopovych

Technical Lead โ€“ Google

Dariia Prokopovych is an accomplished Product Manager at Google with over 4 years of relevant experience. She has a strong background in software engineering and iOS development, having previously worked as a Software Engineer at Google and a Senior iOS Developer at Intellias. Currently,

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google, intellias, it education academy itea, geekapps, levent project, fibi, basquare, kindgeek

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    2019 - Present


    Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer

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    2019 - 2019


    iOS Senior Software Engineer

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    2018 - 2018

    it education academy itea

    IOS lecturer

    Designed and taught iOS Mobile development course.

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    2017 - 2019


    iOS Technical Team Manager

    โ€ข Managed team of 7 iOS engineers (including hiring, career growth etc) and led technical design and development of iOS GeekApps admin app from scratch to launch, as well as maintained and added new features to the existing projects. โ€ข Worked closely with PM, Business analytics and UX teams on defining CUJs of Geek Apps admin app MVP.

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    2017 - 2018

    levent project

    iOS Developer

    โ€ข Developed trading Swift iOS application from scratch, including features such as data visualisation, configuring and running trading strategies. โ€ข Integrated application into the First International Bank of Israel codebase.

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    2017 - 2018


    iOS Developer

    Solo developed from scratch an iOS client for the trading system (MVVM, Swift) and integrated it in the Fibi application.

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    2016 - 2017


    iOS Developer

    - Created an algorithm for the low level sound modifying (pitch, temp change, merging, etc). - Designed and implemented EC-Play iOS app for learning how to play music instruments. (Objective- C/C++, CoreData, CoreAudio)

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    2015 - 2016


    iOS Developer

    - Solo developed an iOS application (Objective-C, MVC) for Hive Social project (Social network for university) - Worked on iOS clients for Movebox (Relocation service) and other.


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