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Extracting Contact Number from LinkedIn
Dec 2, 2023

Extracting Contact Number from LinkedIn

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn outreach with our ethical guide on extracting business phone numbers.

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The quest for potential clients is an ongoing challenge. Are you exploring multi-channel strategies to connect with your prospects? Imagine having the ability to discover not just the email addresses but also the business phone numbers of potential leads on LinkedIn. This guide walks you through an ethical method of extracting valuable contact information, unlocking a new dimension of outreach possibilities.

Phone Numbers on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has evolved beyond a platform for professional connections. Now, you can delve deeper into your leads' information, uncovering not just their email addresses but also their business phone numbers. The integration of the Waalaxy Plugin has made this possible across all Waalaxy plans, including Freemium, Pro, Advanced, and Business.

Data Scraping: LinkedIn Contact Number Finder:

A contact number finder employs advanced data scraping techniques to extract vital information about your prospects. Scraping involves extracting and structuring contact info from sources initially intended for human reading. 

In this context, we extract data from the third-party source, LinkedIn, using our integrated data finder. This data is then added to our CRM through the Waalaxy Plugin, a process we refer to as data enrichment. Enrichment allows you to gather maximum contact information about a prospect, including their LinkedIn profile, job details, email addresses, and business phone number.

Ethical Landscape: Risks and Solutions:

While the extraction of phone numbers is a powerful tool, it comes with potential risks, primarily if not done ethically. Two main risks include engaging in illegal practices and the possibility of being banned from social network accounts due to suspicious activities. 

To mitigate these risks, it's crucial to choose the right tools. The Waalaxy Plugin ensures a completely legal data scraping process, minimizing any risk to your LinkedIn account if used within the advised quotas.

How to Obtain Phone Numbers from LinkedIn:

Curious about the process? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve phone numbers from LinkedIn:

  1. Connect on LinkedIn: Use your work email and password to log in.
  2. Search for Your Targets: Utilize the "search options" area to find your prospects.
  3. Automate Connections: Implement an automated tool for connecting on LinkedIn.
  4. Access Waalaxy's Prospect Tab: Navigate to the Waalaxy Prospect tab and select "All Prospects."
  5. Filter by Phone Number: Choose the "Has a phone number" option in Waalaxy's plugin.

With these simple steps, you can uncover all the LinkedIn profiles with accessible phone numbers, enhancing your outreach capabilities.

Testimonials from LinkedIn Phone Number Extraction:

Putting our methods to the test, we conducted prospecting and contact enrichment campaigns. The results were remarkable. For instance, Business Developer William Gordon's profile yielded a 40% retrieval rate of phone numbers out of 1900 connections, totaling 766 phone numbers. We extended this test to ten other LinkedIn profiles, obtaining an average of 34% phone numbers.

Cold Calling: 

While cold calling may seem challenging, when executed correctly, it becomes a powerful tool for conversion. To succeed, focus on essential points of prospecting:

  • Thoroughly research prospects.
  • Ensure a skilled salesperson leads the charge.
  • Implement post-call follow-ups for effective communication.
  • Avoid common pitfalls: no inexperienced callers, no pushy sales tactics, no stress, and diversify your communication channels.

Perfect Cold Call: 

While there's no one-size-fits-all script, here's an example to guide you:

"Hi [First Name], I'm [Your Name] from Waalaxy. How are you? I'm calling to confirm if you're [Job Title] at [Company Name]. We offer solutions that help you [Automate Your Prospecting] and [Save Time]. Can I ask questions to understand your needs better?"

In Closing:

Cold calling is an art requiring preparation and empathy. Personalize your approach, understand your prospects, and focus on building relationships rather than immediate sales.

Accept the power of LinkedIn, ethical data scraping, and masterful cold calling to transform numbers into valuable connections, revolutionizing your outreach strategy and propelling your business to new heights.

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