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How to get a job referral at Airtel India? + List of referrers
May 27, 2024

How to get a job referral at Airtel India? + List of referrers

Looking for a job referral at Airtel? Discover how to connect with referrers, write compelling requests, and highlight your skills to get hired!

Looking for a job?


Unlock your path to Airtel India's roles with insider tips on leveraging referrals. Get a list of people who can refer you directly to Airtel India.

Many job seekers dream of working at Airtel, a leading telecommunications company in India. With its dynamic work environment and exciting career opportunities, it's no surprise positions at Airtel are highly sought-after. But how can you stand out from the countless applications they receive?

One powerful strategy is to secure a job referral at Airtel. A referral from a current employee can significantly boost your application's visibility and credibility. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the job referral at Airtel process effectively.

Here's what you'll discover:

Job Referral Guide at Airtel
Aspect Context
Referral Power The undeniable advantages of a job referral at Airtel.
Find Your Referrer Proven strategies to find the right person to refer you.
Craft Your Request Tips for crafting a compelling request that gets noticed.
Showcase Your Skills Learn how to showcase your qualifications to make a strong impression.
Additional Resources Explore additional resources to enhance your job search at Airtel.

Why a Job Referral at Airtel Makes All the Difference

The competition for jobs at Airtel can be fierce. A job referral at Airtel provides a distinct edge by:

  • Increasing Visibility: Your application gets placed directly in front of a hiring manager who trusts the judgment of the referring employee.
  • Enhanced Credibility: A referral signifies your skills and experience have impressed someone familiar with the company culture.
  • Insider Insights: The referring employee can offer valuable advice on tailoring your application and preparing for the interview process.

How to Get a Job at Airtel India

While a job referral at Airtel can significantly enhance your application's visibility, a well-crafted approach is crucial for success, regardless of the referral. Here's a roadmap to guide you in securing your desired position at Airtel:                                    

1. Research and Target:

  • Deep Dive into Airtel: Thoroughly research Airtel's company culture, mission, and current projects. This knowledge will demonstrate your genuine interest and help you tailor your application effectively. You can find a wealth of information directly on Airtel's website.
  • Identify Your Ideal Role: Explore Airtel's career page (https://careers.airtel.com/) and pinpoint the specific role that aligns with your skills, experience, and career aspirations.

2. Craft a Compelling Application:

  • Optimize Your Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight the specific skills and experiences mentioned in the job description. Use strong action verbs and quantifiable achievements to showcase your impact in previous roles.
  • Write a Persuasive Cover Letter: Go beyond simply restating your resume. Craft a cover letter that demonstrates your understanding of the role and how your unique qualifications make you a perfect fit for Airtel.

3. Prepare for the Interview Process:

  • Research Common Interview Questions: Research common interview questions for your target role and practice your responses. This will boost your confidence and ensure you can articulate your value effectively.
  • Learn About Airtel's Work Culture: Gain insights into Airtel's work environment and company culture. This demonstrates your preparedness and genuine interest in being part of the team.

How to Get a Job Referral

Let’s talk about the process of how to get a referral at Airtel. Here’s a step-by-step guide for it: 

Finding a Potential Referrer

  • Open LinkedIn and dive deep into research mode. Read and research about the company, its culture (you can read about it in this article below), and its employees. 
  • Try to find if anyone in your friend circle/ acquaintances/ college alumni are currently working at Airtel and reach out to them. 
  • You can install our chrome extension to cut through the manual process and see which of your 1st degree LinkedIn connections are connected to Airtel. You can even ask them to provide a referral through a 1 click-easy process.
  • Don’t sweat, if the above step doesn't work. You can check out job referral sites which have a curated list of people who have agreed to give referrals in their companies.

**We have made a list of Airtel employees who have agreed to give referrals. You can check out a few of them below (install our extension to check the rest)

Airtel Employee Directory
Name Position Company LinkedIn Profile
Anshul Raheja SDE - 2 (Frontend) Airtel LinkedIn
Adarsh Singh Kushwaha Software Engineer - Be Airtel LinkedIn
Akhilesh Mahajan Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Arpit Jain Sr Software Engineer - Backend Airtel LinkedIn
Dhawal Kapil Lead Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Kamal Sharma Senior Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Kannav Sharma Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Sanjeev Kumar Sr. Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Prabhjot Singh Lamba Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Radhika Juneja Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Ravi Kumar Sharma Engineering Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Rohit Yadav Software Development Engineer 3 Airtel LinkedIn
Santosh Sharma Senior Product Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Sharad Gupta Senior Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Sidharth Suman Lead Data Analyst Airtel LinkedIn
Sumit Kumar QA Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Vaibhav Arya Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Vishal Kedia Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Shubham Bajaj Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Aman Garg Engineering Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Rupali Paul Technical Program Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Garima SDE Airtel LinkedIn
Megha Kumari Senior DevOps Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Pranjay Agarwal Principal SDET Airtel LinkedIn
Pranesh Gupta Back End Developer Airtel LinkedIn
Lakshya Mishra Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Prakhar Singhal Product Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Aparajita Rai Product Lead Airtel LinkedIn
Smriti Khurana Senior Software Engineer- QA Airtel LinkedIn
Tanya Arora Lead Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Prabhu C Sr. Technical Project/Program Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Surili Jain Engineering Manager SDET Airtel LinkedIn
Vikas Kumar Data Scientist Airtel LinkedIn
Sanjay Dudi Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Gaurav Bhandari Principal Product Manager Airtel LinkedIn
Priyam Mathur Data Scientist Airtel LinkedIn
Rajdeep Chauhan AVP Airtel LinkedIn
Neerav Kumar SDET II Airtel LinkedIn
Anubhav Aggarwal Senior SDET Airtel LinkedIn
Arun Kataria Senior Design Lead Airtel LinkedIn
Hemant Bhardwaj Senior Software Engineer Airtel LinkedIn
Nitish Kumar Executive Airtel LinkedIn
Bhavna Motwani Analytics Airtel LinkedIn
Anany Shukla Data Analyst Airtel LinkedIn

Alright, you've got names, but how do you ask? Here's the art of crafting that perfect referral request.

Crafting Your Request

Now that you've identified your potential referrers, it's time to prepare your approach. Remember, personalization is key here. Here's how to craft a compelling referral request that increases your chances of getting a positive response:

1. Personalize Your Message:

  • Address the person by name (if possible).
  • Briefly mention how you know them (if applicable) or how you found their contact information.

2. Briefly Introduce Yourself:

  • Briefly state your name and current professional role.

3. Highlight Your Accomplishments and Skills:

  • Briefly mention relevant skills and achievements that make you a strong candidate for the position you're interested in.

4. Explain Why You're Reaching Out:

  • Clearly state the specific position you're interested in at Airtel.
  • Briefly mention what excites you about the opportunity or Airtel as a company.

5. Mention Your Connection to Airtel (Optional):

  • If you have any existing connections to Airtel (e.g., previous internship, attended an Airtel event), mention it here.

6. Ask for a Referral or Informational Interview:

  • Clearly state your request. Are you looking for a referral to the specific position, or would you like an informational interview to learn more about the role or department?

7. Express Gratitude and Offer to Reciprocate:

  • Thank the person for their time and consideration.
  • Briefly offer to help them in the future if they need anything (e.g., providing a referral yourself).

8. Keep it Concise and Professional:

  • Aim for a short and to-the-point message.
  • Maintain a professional tone throughout your request.

Bonus Tip: ** Making it Easy for Your Referrer with a Referral Message Template

Subject: Referral for [Your Name] - [Job Title] at Airtel

Dear [Hiring Manager Name] (if possible),

I'm writing to recommend [Your Name] for the [Job Title] position at Airtel. [He/She] is a highly skilled and motivated [Your Profession] with [Number] years of experience in [Relevant Industry].

[Your Name] and I have connected through [How you know them] (if applicable). [He/She] has a strong background in [List 2-3 relevant skills] and a proven track record of success in [Mention a specific achievement related to the job]. [He/She] is also very passionate about [Industry/Company] and is particularly interested in [Something specific about the opportunity or Airtel that excites you].

[Your Name] recently shared their resume with me, which you can find attached. [He/She] is very interested in learning more about this opportunity and is available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

I highly recommend [Your Name] for this position and believe [he/she] would be a valuable asset to your team at Airtel. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


[Referrer Name]

P.S. [Your Name]'s contact information is [Phone number] and [Email address] (you can remove this if you don't want your email included).


  • Replace the bracketed information with the appropriate details that best fit yours. 
  • Modify the template to better reflect your specific situation and the qualifications you want to highlight.

Got your eye on the prize? Let's zoom out for a sec and see what it's really like at Airtel.

Work culture at Airtel India

Airtel India fosters a collaborative and dynamic work environment that prioritizes innovation and problem-solving. Let's explore the pros and cons to see if it aligns with your work style preferences:

Airtel Pros and Cons
Aspect Pros Cons Links
Work Environment Collaborative and team-oriented
Fast-paced and dynamic
Focus on innovation and problem-solving
Can be demanding with long hours at times (especially for non-achievers)
Meeting heavy environment
Glassdoor - Work Culture
Learning and Development Opportunity to work on challenging projects and cutting-edge technologies
Supportive and helpful colleagues and managers (especially for new joiners)
- Airtel Careers
Management Approachable and supportive management (mostly)
Openness to ideas and feedback
- AmbitionBox - Reviews
Work-Life Balance Airtel offers various programs to promote work-life balance Can be difficult to maintain a work-life balance due to the demanding work environment Glassdoor - Reviews
Diversity and Inclusion Airtel is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Programs for women returning to work
- Airtel Sustainability and Human Rights Policy

Overall Based on the information available from the provided links, the work culture at Airtel India appears to be positive with a focus on collaboration, innovation, and learning. However, the fast-paced environment and the potential for long working hours might be a challenge for some.

NOTE: It's important to note that these are just a few sources, and individual experiences may vary. Consider searching for additional reviews and insights online to get a well-rounded perspective.

Curious about where you might fit in the Airtel family? Let's break down the roles, hierarchy, and, yes, the part everyone's curious about – the salaries.

Airtel India: Roles, Hierarchy, and Salaries

Airtel India offers a variety of career paths for tech talent, with opportunities for both software engineers and managerial roles. Here's a breakdown of some common positions and their progression:

Software Development Engineer (SDE) Roles:

  • SDE 1 (Entry Level): Typically requires 0-2 years of experience and a strong foundation in programming fundamentals and problem-solving skills. They work on smaller tasks under the guidance of senior engineers. (Salary Range: 7 LPA - 14 LPA)
  • SDE 2: Requires 3-6 years of experience. SDEs at this level take more ownership of projects, mentor junior engineers, and contribute to more complex technical tasks. (Salary Range: 15 LPA - 23 LPA )
  • Lead Software Engineer: This role is equivalent to an SDE 3 at some companies. Lead Software Engineers are experts in their field, manage small teams, and contribute to architectural decisions. (Salary Range: 20 LPA - 30 LPA) 

Management Path:

  • Technical Program Manager (TPM): Acts as a liaison between engineering and product teams, ensuring projects are aligned with business goals. Requires strong communication and project management skills. (Salary Range: 21 LPA average)
  • Engineering Manager: Leads and manages a team of software engineers, providing coaching and guidance. Requires strong technical and leadership skills. (Salary Range: 37 LPA - 56 LPA)

Additional Roles:

  • Data Scientist: Uses data analysis and machine learning to solve business problems. Requires strong analytical and programming skills. (Salary Range: 16 LPA- 28 LPA) 
  • Product Manager: Responsible for defining, developing, and launching new products or features. Requires strong communication, analytical, and product development skills. (Salary Range: 15 LPA -28 LPA)

See the below graph for diagrammatical representation: 

Salary Range by Role at Airtel


Don't Just Apply, Get Noticed! 

Imagine yourself at the forefront of innovation, tackling exciting challenges within a dynamic team at Airtel India. But how do you stand out from the countless applications they receive? The answer lies in a strategic approach that goes beyond just submitting your resume.

Unlock Your Airtel Advantage:

We've provided valuable resources to empower your job search at Airtel, including a list of potential referrers and a referral message template. With a strong job referral at Airtel and the knowledge gained here, you're well on your way to unlocking a rewarding career at Airtel India.

Embrace the opportunity, and confidently go for your dream job!  And to streamline your search for top engineering talent, consider leveraging Weekday.

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