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6 Out-of-the-box Strategies to Attract and Hire Top Talent
Apr 8, 2024

6 Out-of-the-box Strategies to Attract and Hire Top Talent

Explore innovative strategies to attract and hire top talent, enhancing your team's strength and driving business success efficiently.

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Looking to attract the top talent in the fast-paced world of modern recruitment can feel like a high-stakes game. With numerous options available, companies must race to differentiate themselves. However, merely offering a good salary is no longer enough. Today's candidates seek more: they crave meaning, culture, and balance. Additionally, as technology advances, the skills gap widens, leaving companies struggling to keep up. But fear not, as this blog reveals the 6 out of the box strategies to attract and hire top talent. From using social media to tell your brand story to creating a brand that outshines the competition, we'll show you how to build a team that propels your company forward. Get ready to revolutionize your recruitment game!

#1- Creative Use of Social Digital Platforms

Creative Use of Social Digital Platforms
Creative Use of Social Digital Platforms

Digital platforms offer new opportunities for recruitment beyond LinkedIn. Niche social platforms, influencers, and creative advertising can help companies connect with top talent in innovative ways. This section explores how such strategies can revolutionize recruitment efforts.

  • Explore Different Niche Social

The landscape of social media is vast and varied. Platforms like Spotify, Reddit, and TikTok have emerged as unconventional yet fertile grounds for recruitment strategies. These platforms cater to specific interests and communities, allowing companies to target potential candidates in a more focused and engaging manner. For instance, Spotify's playlist ads can be tailored to reach audiences with specific listening habits that align with your company's culture or industry. Reddit offers access to dedicated communities where companies can participate in discussions and share insights, establishing themselves as thought leaders. Meanwhile, TikTok enables companies to showcase their brand's personality and culture through creative and fun video content, appealing to the younger demographic in the workforce.

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  • Make Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Influencers and podcasts have become powerful mediums for reaching wide and engaged audiences. Collaborating with influencers in your industry can help amplify your company's message and attract talent that trusts and follows these influencers. Similarly, making guest appearances on popular podcasts related to your industry or company mission can enhance your visibility and position your company as a desirable employer. These strategies not only broaden your reach but also add a layer of credibility and authenticity to your recruitment efforts.

  • Creative Ads on YouTube and Niche Email Newsletters

YouTube and email newsletters offer unique avenues for creative advertising. 

Crafting engaging ads for YouTube, where millions of users spend a significant amount of time, can capture the attention of potential candidates in an entertaining and informative way. These ads can highlight your company culture, employee testimonials, and exciting projects to spark interest among viewers.

Email newsletters, on the other hand, provide a direct line to engaged communities. By sponsoring or creating content for newsletters that cater to specific industries or interests, companies can reach a targeted audience with personalized messages about job opportunities and company values. This strategy ensures your message is seen by individuals who are already interested in your field, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified candidates.

By embracing these creative uses of social media and digital platforms, companies can not only reach a wider pool of potential candidates but also engage with them in a more meaningful and impactful way.

#2 - Innovative Job Advertisement/Engagement Strategies

Innovative Job Advertisement/Engagement Strategies
Innovative Job Advertisement/Engagement Strategies

To attract top talent in today’s competitive market, you need to get creative with your recruiting methods. Standard job ads and traditional hiring practices won’t cut it anymore. Candidates today want to see that you’re an innovative, forward-thinking company.

  • Craft Catchy Job Titles and Descriptions

Rather than “Social Media Manager” or “Software Engineer,” consider titles like “Digital Storyteller” or “Code Wizard.” Play around with fun, quirky titles that capture the imagination. Likewise, in the job description, focus on the impact, challenges, and opportunities—not just a list of responsibilities. Help candidates visualize what success in the role could look like. Describe a day in your life or share stories of team wins to bring the work to life.

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  • Run Contests and Challenges

What better way to identify top talent than by seeing them in action? Contests, hackathons, and coding challenges are a great way to engage with candidates and evaluate critical skills. For example, run a contest for the best social media campaign, app prototype, or marketing plan. Provide candidates with the necessary tools, resources, and details about the role and company. Then, review submissions to find the individuals with the most potential. This technique requires more work upfront but can lead to making a highly informed hiring decision.

Offer Prizes and Incentives

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Everyone appreciates a little extra motivation and reward. Consider offering prizes, perks, or other incentives for contest participants and as a signing bonus for candidates who receive and accept an offer. Get creative with rewards like tickets to industry conferences, paid continuing education, flexible work schedules, or equity in the company. 

Job Advertising by  Hidden Ads and Using Unconventional Media

Hidden job ads placed within a company's website, for instance, can attract curious and tech-savvy individuals who are exploring your site in-depth. This method rewards engagement and can help find candidates truly interested in your company.

Leveraging product packaging as a medium for recruitment messages is another creative strategy. This can be particularly effective for consumer-facing companies, where messages on packaging can reach a wide audience, including potential candidates who may not be actively searching for a job but are intrigued by the prospect of working for a brand they admire. This approach can create a buzz around your recruitment efforts and draw in candidates passionate about your products or services.

With some out-of-the-box thinking, you’ll gain access to an untapped pool of skilled and passionate candidates. 

#3 - Enhancing Candidate Experience and Company Visibility

Enhancing Candidate Experience and Company Visibility
Enhancing Candidate Experience and Company Visibility

To attract top talent, show why your company is great. Use virtual reality and videos to give an inside look at culture.

  • Offer an Immersive Virtual Experience

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows candidates to fully immerse themselves in a 360-degree view of your office space and connect with your company culture from anywhere. Candidates can explore workspaces, chat with employees, and get a feel for the company vibe without leaving their homes. This high-tech approach will appeal to tech-savvy candidates and give your company a cutting-edge image.

  • Produce Authentic Video Content

Create video job descriptions, employee testimonials, or “day in the life” snapshots of various roles. These behind-the-scenes videos give candidates an authentic view of the work environment and daily responsibilities. Candidates will appreciate the transparency and ability to envision themselves in a potential role. For remote positions, video content is especially compelling.

Keep your videos under 2 minutes and be sure to capture a diversity of perspectives. Ask employees from different backgrounds, experience levels, and departments to participate. Their enthusiasm and passion for the work will shine through.

You might also stream live video Q&A sessions on your website and social media channels. Invite employees to answer questions from candidates about the company, culture, and their career paths. These interactive experiences enable relationship building and help candidates feel personally connected to your organization.

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#4 - Direct Engagement and Personalized Communication

Direct Engagement and Personalized Communication
Direct Engagement and Personalized Communication

In a world where personalized experiences are highly valued, direct engagement and communication can make a significant difference in attracting top talent. Here's how direct and personalized approaches can enhance your recruiting efforts.

  • Reach Out Directly to Talent

Don’t just post a job ad and hope top candidates apply. Actively reach out to professionals you admire on platforms like LinkedIn. Send a personal message expressing your interest in them and the value they could add to your organization. Explain the role and company culture, and ask if they’d be open to an exploratory conversation. People are often flattered by direct outreach, and it allows you to make a genuine personal connection.

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  • Host Unique Recruiting Events

Stand out from the crowd by organizing events like hackathons, open interview days, or reverse job fairs. Hackathons, where programmers collaborate to solve a problem, allow you to see candidates in action and how they think on their feet. Open interview days let candidates learn about you through casual conversations rather than stressful interviews. Reverse job fairs turn the tables and have candidates promote themselves to employers. Events like these showcase your innovative culture and allow for meaningful interactions.

  • Implement Text Recruiting

For certain roles, text recruiting can be an engaging way to communicate with candidates quickly and personally. Once candidates express interest in a role, start a text message conversation to get to know them better, answer questions, and keep them excited about the opportunity. Texting is casual and convenient, allowing for the kind of spontaneous yet focused dialogue that gives you insight into a candidate’s personality and fit. For candidates, texting with a real person makes them feel valued and builds a connection to the company

  • Use AI and Chatbots on Career Pages 

Integrating AI-driven chatbots on your careers page can provide potential candidates with instant answers to their questions, improving their experience and engagement with your brand. Chatbots can also assist in pre-screening candidates by asking preliminary questions, saving time for both the candidates and your recruitment team.

By focusing on enhancing candidate experience through innovative technology and personalized communication, companies can not only attract top talent but also position themselves as forward-thinking leaders in their industry.

#5 Leveraging Employee Networks and Consumer Base

Leveraging Employee Networks and Consumer Base
Leveraging Employee Networks and Consumer Base

In the quest to attract top talent, tapping into your existing networks — including your employees and consumer base — can be a game-changer. Here's how leveraging these groups can enrich your recruitment strategy and bring in experienced and passionate candidates.

  • Encouraging Referrals 

An employee referral program with attractive incentives can motivate your workforce to recommend skilled professionals from their networks. By offering rewards not just for the referral but for the successful hiring and retention of these candidates, you can encourage your employees to think carefully about who they recommend, ensuring a good fit for your company culture and needs.

  • Turn Passion into Careers 

Your consumer base is a reservoir of potential candidates who are already familiar with and passionate about your brand. Engaging these individuals through targeted recruitment campaigns or exclusive job fairs can transform fans into employees, bringing in talent that is already aligned with your company's vision and values.

Re-hiring Past Employees and Targeting Recently Laid-off Workers to Tap into Experienced Talent: Past employees who left on good terms can be a valuable source of re-hires, as they are already acquainted with your company culture and operations. Similarly, reaching out to recently laid-off workers can provide access to experienced talent looking for new opportunities. Both strategies can shorten the onboarding process and leverage the experience these candidates bring.

#6 - Emphasizing Unique Perks and Flexible Work Options

Emphasizing Unique Perks and Flexible Work Options
Emphasizing Unique Perks and Flexible Work Options

Your company needs to stand out from the crowd. Offering unique benefits and perks is a great way to do this. Rather than the standard health insurance and paid time off, consider offering:

  • Flexible work schedules

For many candidates, especially those with families or long commutes, flexibility is highly appealing. Let people work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days, or allow some work-from-home days each week. As long as work is getting done, why require strict 9-5 hours? Offering flexibility shows you value work-life balance and trust your employees.

  • Creative bonuses

Signing bonuses are common, but uncreative. Offer a choice of sign-on perks, like a new laptop, paid professional development courses, or an extra week of paid time off. You could also offer referral bonuses or rewards for meeting key performance indicators. These kinds of incentives motivate top talent and encourage longevity.

  • Unique office perks

Free snacks, traveling allowance, and casual dress codes are standard. Think bigger! Some companies offer employee rewards programs, where staff accrue points for tenure and performance that can be redeemed for travel, entertainment, or other perks. You might also provide resources for hobbies, like a yoga or meditation space. A pet-friendly policy is appealing to many. Unique perks like these make a strong impression.

Offering enticing benefits and work conditions that provide flexibility, growth, and an optimal work-life balance demonstrates your commitment to employees. Don’t be afraid to get creative—the most memorable and shareable perks are often the most unusual and generous ones.

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So, think outside the box and get creative when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent. Shake things up a bit. You never know where you'll find that perfect candidate or what hook will get them interested in your company. Be bold and try new approaches that show off your company culture. Don't just post the same old job ad and sort through stacks of resumes - make the hiring process an experience. Get out into the community, leverage your networks, and use technology in innovative ways. Most importantly, showcase what makes your company a great place to work. With persistence and imagination, you'll attract the kind of talented, motivated people who will help drive your business forward. Now get out there and recruit like you've never recruited before!

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