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Smart Questions to Assess Your Interviewees
Jan 5, 2024

Smart Questions to Assess Your Interviewees

Learn how to conduct smart, effective interviews that thoroughly assess candidates by strategically tailoring questions

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Interviewing candidates is a pivotal step in the hiring process. Asking the right questions allows you to thoroughly evaluate applicants beyond just their resumes. But with so many potential questions, how do interviewers determine which ones will offer the most insight?

This is where weekday.works comes in handy. Their intelligent platform simplifies candidate screening and interview prep. Leveraging Weekday.works sets you up for more effective interviews.

In this article, weโ€™ll explore different categories of smart interview questions to identify top talent. Read on to learn how to assess candidates with strategic questions tailored to each role.

The Role of Applicant Interview Questions

Itโ€™s not just about you asking questions. Encouraging applicants to inquire about the role and company also provides key insights.

Thoughtful questions demonstrate the candidate's engagement. Rehearsed or overly generic questions reveal a lack of research.

Weekday.works equips you with suggested applicant questions to provide this valuable perspective.

Key Categories of Smart Interview Questions

Interview questions generally fall into four main categories:

Experience and Skills-Based Questions

These questions enable you to probe into the specific abilities needed for the job based on the candidate's background. For example:

  • Tell me about a time you launched a successful social media campaign. What was the strategy?

Behavioral Questions

These reveal how applicants handled real workplace situations through past behavior. For instance:

  • Describe a time you overcame a collaboration challenge with a colleague. What was the outcome?

Situational Questions

These present hypothetical scenarios for the role to gauge problem-solving. Such as:

  • If you noticed a drop in website traffic, what strategies would you use to turn it around?

Cultural Fit Questions

These assess alignment with company values and workstyles. For example:

  • How would you describe your preferred managerial style? How does that fit our culture of collaboration?

Specific Questions to Ask and Why

The examples above provide a sampling of smart questions for various focus areas. Weekday.works allows you to select from proven options while also customizing your own questions.

Incorporating Data

Weekday.works leverages hard data like assessments, past performance stats, and advanced analytics to predict candidate success. This data-backed approach takes the bias out of interviewing.

Adapting Questions to Different Roles

The platform's flexibility allows tailoring questions specific to the required abilities of each role. Customize interview prep while adhering to legal and ethical guidelines.

Avoiding Common Interview Mistakes

Weekday.works helps you sidestep biases and assumptions that lead to poor hiring choices. Their automated feedback makes it easy to continuously improve.


Asking the right interview questions is crucial for hiring top talent. Weekday.works optimizes your interview process through proven, data-backed question types and full customization for each role. Simplify your hiring and access ideal candidates with Weekday.works. See for yourself by requesting a demo today!

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