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Technical Recruiting: Strategies for Hiring Tech Talent in 2022
Oct 13, 2022

Technical Recruiting: Strategies for Hiring Tech Talent in 2022

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Finding, attracting, and recruiting qualified candidates for your technical roles is costly and time-consuming. The war for tech talent is even more intense than you thought.

In the US for instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports according to this Tech Crunch article: there were 1.4 million unfilled Computer Science jobs at the end of 2020; by 2026 there will be a 1.2 million-person deficit in the United States when it comes to engineering positions. The demand for tech talent would continue to grow rapidly, yet the supply of skilled workers remains stuck at a meager 400,000 graduates per year. This results in employers competing against one another for the best talent and offer higher salaries, better benefits, and career growth opportunities. And since such offerings are often tight, you need to optimize your hiring processes and what you communicate to the prospective candidate.


Create a great candidate experience

Think about your first time applying for a new job - you want to be accepted and valued as an individual, not just another candidate on the pile. Also, you want to get a sense of how you'll fit in - what it will be like working there, and if you feel like they value your skills. And that's exactly how tech talents are choosing their next company!

So, how can you make them feel that way? You need to make sure they are taken care of before, during, and after the recruitment process - otherwise, they'll go somewhere else. The best way to do this is by making a simple, but calculated investment into the candidate experience.


Prop Up Your brand

Tech Talents are always looking to learn about their next company, so make sure they find out what you're all about. Invest in your company's website, create a brand that speaks to them and share it on social media. Create an employer value proposition - this is what you stand for and why they should choose you, and use it to position your company as a great place to work. This will make them want to know more.

And don't be afraid to talk about the future! Candidates want to know that they are valued and will have a big impact on the company. So, share your goals and how you plan to achieve them - that will get their attention! Just keep in mind that you'll need to back it up with strong evidence, so they can see what you're all about.

Finally, create and optimize a career (Work For Us) page. This is where you'll list all of your open positions, as well as details about your company, culture, and career opportunities. Be sure to include a link to this page on all of your recruitment sources.


Allow Current Employees Sing Your Praises

It's not enough to have a great employer value proposition. Strong evidence is needed to back up those big promises. So, you need to find the right way for your current employees - or as we like to call them, your brand ambassadors - to tell the world about their experience working for your company. You can do this by:

Creating a referral program: Giving current employees the ability to refer their friends and previous colleagues for open positions will help you attract top talent.

Use Testimonials: Make them feel that they are part of something, and give employees a platform to share their experiences. It will show the world what your company is really about, and give candidates a sense of how they would fit in.

Use Video Testimonials: Candidates don't want to hear from a stranger, but they will listen when their friends say great things about your company. Videos are a great way to make this happen.

You can create videos with current employees and use them across your website, social media profiles, or even job postings. Let them share what they love about your company in their own words. This will show your company's story in a powerful way - without you having to say a word.


Answer "What's in it for me?"

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when hiring tech talents is neglecting to answer this question. Candidates are not just looking for a job, they are looking for a career. Communicate benefits and career opportunities clearly. Whether it's through the employer value proposition, job postings, or social media. Show them what you have to offer, and how they can use their skills for your company's success - make it easy for them to see the big picture. Salary, Incentives, Perks, Learning Opportunities are all great examples of benefits that can help you answer their question. Make this information available and easy to find on your website, or in job postings.


Communicate effectively and regularly

First, you need to make sure your online reputation comes across as a great place to work. Do this by blogging. Blog posts allow you to share information and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Also, ensure you optimize your website for candidate experience, and share company culture content across social media profiles.

Second, you need to share information about your company with candidates. This can be done through social media, job postings, and even events where they can meet your company. It also means updates on how their application is progressing, if they are invited to an interview or not. This is crucial because you want them to feel like they are part of the process. By keeping them in the loop, you will make sure they feel valued - and that's what they are looking for.


The Secret Sauce for Successful Tech Candidate Sourcing

Seasoned recruiters know that recruiting is not just about finding the right candidate, but also delivering them. Time and money are saved if both companies and candidates are on the same page.

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